Test Field

Besides selling, overhauling and modifying motors, we can also make a testrun with these motors on our testfield. The testrun can either be without load (this is standard), but also with full load. During the full load testrun of your foot- or flangemotor or generator, we record the most valuable data include; torque, [physically measured on the shaft up to 5000 Nm]  linevoltage (s), current (s) and temperatures. You tell us how you want the test to be done and we take care of the rest, everything is possible.

If you have questions, want to get informed about our testing capacities, or if you have technical questions about it? Please contact us.

We are happy to assist you.

  • Proefveld test

    Proefveld test

  • Proefveld leeg

    Proefveld leeg

  • Proefveld hoog

    Proefveld hoog

  • Test opstelling

    Test opstelling

  • proefveld-rapport


  • proefveld-rapport2