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Our team has everything to ensure a proper installation at your premises. We can advice you prior to the delivery of a complete installation, give support, organize training and perform maintenance. Together with the fact that we work with top suppliers only, succes is quaranteed. Quality always wins.

Our services include the following branches.


The dynamic world of the shipping industry is in some areas unpredictable. When will arrive the ship at the harbour ?  are the right people and equipment available if anything needs to be repaired?

Questions that we face on daily basis. We made these business our specialty. A specialty that directly reflected in a flexible process, good advice and direct action. We can handle the supply and installation of electric motors, fans, generators and spare parts. One phone call is usually enough to arrange people and materials all around the world. Typically Van Bodegraven;


Shipyards and repair companies often face unexpected drive issues to be resolved quickly. Through our inventory organzed perfectly to this branch we can deliver different types of motors, rectifiers, transformers and rotary converters fast and accurate. This also applies to all kinds of spareparts. If it's necessary even within 24 hours. A service that saves time. The first profit you booked!


In many segments of the industry a shutdown or stop of the businessprocess is absolutely not an option. We are aware of that better than anyone so we are therefore closely involved in the production processes of our customers. As a "stand-by partner" in drive solutions we can deliver quickly and flexibly from stock. Whether temporary replacements, renewals or rental. Van Bodegraven just arrange it!

Frequencyconverters, transformers, electric motors or generators. You can benefit from our advice, good after sales support, commissioning and maintenance. Focused on your production.


Working with hazardous substances requires high quality, for products but also for suppliers. We are such a highly qualified supplier. ATEX certified and authorized to deliver top quality products and repair ABB and CEMP motors. We have the knowledge, the people and the ability to safely repairs, overhaul and maintain your motors. You can take advantage of our 24-hour service and the possibility to rent frequency converters, transformers or motors. Anything with respect to the safety of you, your employees and the environment.

Environment- and Waterhandling

Waste- and drinkwater companies but also environmental companies are choosing more and more for automated installation processes. They will unanimously only go for A-level materials and suppliers. That we already have worked with many companies in the water and environmental technology, we owe to our knowledge and experience.