Slip-ring motors

The difference between a slipring motor and an ordinary asynchronous motor is the different constructed rotor. In the ordinary asynchronous motor, this is a short-circuited rotor, the rotor of a slipring motor is constructed with windings, shifted 120° to one another and the wires of the windings are connected to sliprings which are accessible from the outside through carbon brushes. In this type of machine, the start-up current and therefore also the torque can easily be regulated.

Both new and overhauld slipring motors are on stock at Van Bodegraven Electric motors. Our overhauld slipring motors are checked for defects, cleaned and new again. Also for overhauling or repairing your own slipring motor, please contact us.

Type Power in kW RPM High voltage IP Version Brand
MKA 17 16.00 2900 380Y 10 B3 ASEA
... 18.50 2880 220 23 B3 Conz
ARY 9/2 22.00 2950 800Y 44 B3 ELMEKANO
DS73 30.00 2880 220 23 REM
MARC 24 48.00 2960 380Y 43 B3 ASEA
1RS7 242 180.00 2900 380Y 23 B3 SIEMENS
R 2273-2 B 320.00 2950 6000Y IP23 B3 Siemens