About us

Van Bodegraven Electromotoren is a real family run business. We remain convinced that electric motors and all things connected will remain of vital importance to power all sorts of appliances in everyday life. Furthermore from the first up to the third generation we adhere to the Dutch saying that "stagnation leads to regression". Motors are intended to go (forward) and progress. Our clients, the companies that we do business with and our suppliers want the same.

Also our employees desire to "progress" on the job. And we offer them that opportunity. Respect for each other and each other's work, collegiality, a friendly good atmosphere is caracteristic of the relations within this company.

Our drive leads to: dedication, being focused on service, flexibility and professionalism. Together with approachability all characteristics of our relation with you, the client. You can count on our drive.

At van Bodegraven you will find a highly motivated team that with full dedication will ensure that your motor, new or used, delivers outstanding performance.